Persian pop sensation IDIN makes big impact and becomes promising artist for future crossover.

The young Persian-American counter-tenor creates an energized, powerful musical experience all of his own. With an extensive background in Opera and Jazz and his natural Persian folkloric vocal abilities, IDIN has brought to life a unique, voluptuous sound unheard by any other vocalist. With an unbelievable vocal range of 5 octaves, and an astonishing ability to seamlessly transition between his head and chest voice, his talent puts him in a complete class of his own. An astounding ability to sing in multiple languages, such as, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic and of course his mother tongue of Farsi. IDIN uses his phenomenal "Voice" as more than just a sound, but as an instrument unto itself, demonstrating unheard of vocal versatility which exquisitely blends different musical genres. We're quite confident that IDIN will not only bring Persians to their feet, but the entire world as well. IDIN is clearly the new "Voice" of his generation and has dominated the Persian scene quite intensely. With his brilliant new style, IDIN is under the microscope of many large International record labels.

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Legendary Persian artist, Shourangiz Mohammadi, takes traditional and pop music to a place undiscovered. She is one of the true pioneers of Persian music produced outside of Iran. Amongst the first female voices to be recognized and heard outside Iran. She is a true voice and icon of that lost generation. As one of the most versatile female vocalists of her time, Shourangiz has been able to reinvent and modernize both pop and classical Iranian music over the years. Her ability to combine the two different genres, not only musically, but vocally, resulted into something truly new and fresh for the Persian music Industry. Her sultry voice has achieved her much acclaim, undeniable admiration and an important staple in the world of traditional Iranian music.


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