"To see first what other’s will eventually come to discover."

Established in August of 2007 by a team of pros in both production and management, RCreationz Inc. made it a priority to discover and uncover the next big International stars. With a keen ear for unique vocalists and a good eye for new faces, the company is determined to discover the best of the best and showcase them to the world.

Welcome to the magical world of RCreationz Inc. Yes, we consider our company a fantasy land where talent flourishes, and new talent is discovered. Our artists are not products, they are one of a kind, true works of art and we consider them family. We help develop and give opportunities to best showcase their gift and talent. Our goal is to create an environment for our artists where they feel confident, true to themselves and their art, and most importantly, looked out for. The talent we represent has to truly inspire us and in return we utilize our in house production team to market and showcase them in the best way. In time, we hope to see them make their own unique imprint on the world. No one can create artists, they are born, they are discovered, and once discovered, we help create the playground for them to thrive and prominently show their presence to the world. Our Creations are just that, a management team taking real, true talent to the global stage.